Interview with SnagMobile Co-Founder Dan Cody
Mark_2 Mark Menard
August 25, 2012
Mark_2 Mark Menard
August 25, 2012

We recently interviewed Dan Cody, one of the minds behind SnagMobile, a cool new mobile app for ordering food at sports events. Enable Labs developed the prototype for the app, which is now going on to meet success. Here's what Dan had to tell us about what SnagMobile is exactly, and what he has in mind for its future.


EL: What is SnagMobile?

DC: SnagMobile is an app designed to make ordering food and beverages at stadium venues easier. We offer a service where a fan can place an order on their phone and either have it delivered to their seat, or pick it up at an express window.


EL: How did you come up with the idea for SnagMobile?

DC: I was at a Devils/Rangers game last year with a friend of mine from college, Peter Yeager. At the game, we spent so much time waiting in a line for beer that we ended up missing a lot the action. We thought, “There has to be a better solution to this age old problem” and so, the idea for SnagMobile was born.


EL: So now you had the idea. Where did you go from there?

DC: Well, a week after that game Peter and I founded SnagMobile, which we got going with a third partner, Jim Connell, to be our CTO. From there we went into actually producing the app. Since we knew there is often a long approval period for the App Store, we decided to make a mobile website that feels like a native app on iOS and Android phones.


EL: If I want to use SnagMobile right now, where can I go?

DC: Right now SnagMobile is available at two locations. The first is right here in Troy-- Joe Bruno Stadium, home of the ValleyCats. The other is the Lake Erie Crusher’s stadium in Avon, Ohio. Our plan is to keep adding locations, and we’re not even close to finished expanding.


EL: Let’s say I’ve picked out everything I want to buy. Will SnagMobile take my credit card?

DC: You can pay by cash, but SnagMobile is pretty streamlined for credit card use. And a good thing about SnagMobile is that if you’re not comfortable with storing your credit card info in the app, you don’t have to. After you pay, you can either have the food or drinks delivered to your seats, or, if you want, we can send a notification when your food is ready and you can come and pick it up at an express window.


EL: So there’s more to bringing SnagMobile to a stadium than just the digital side?

DC: Absolutely. We setup a custom POS system at each of our express windows that receives the mobile orders and prints receipts. The POS system acts as the hub for our venues during the events. In addition, we work closely with the Venue's marketing to team to ensure fans know about Snag Mobile being available.


EL: How does SnagMobile work with the actual stadiums themselves?

DC: Well, we’re just as concerned with venues being satisfied with our service as we are with whether or not patrons are having a good experience with SnagMobile. When configuring SnagMobile at a new location, we’ll send in our own technicians to set it up and teach the stadium staff how to use it. Plus, we make a point of always having someone on site for a debut at a new location to make sure everything goes smoothly for everyone on both sides of the transaction.


EL: What else should we know about SnagMobile?

DC: Customers can use their Snag Mobile account at any of the venues we support. As we increase our install base, it'll be easier for our customers to pay for their food on the go. We're also planning to build iOS and Android "native" versions of Snag Mobile soon to provide a better user experience to our users.


For more information on SnagMobile, take a look at their website:


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