Mark Menard to Speak at Wicked Good Ruby Conference
Mark_2 Mark Menard
August 5, 2013
Mark_2 Mark Menard
August 5, 2013

Wicked Good Ruby Conference, which takes place this coming Columbus Day Weekend, is a two-track programming conference centered around the Ruby programming language.


Mark Menard, our company president and founder, has been selected to speak at the conference along with many luminaries of the Ruby software development world. Mark's talk will focus on lessons learned in using JRuby (a Ruby interpreter that runs on the Java JVM) in a production environment for the last six years.


Here is the description of his talk from their site:

JRuby: Insights from Six Years in Production

JRuby is the primary alternative implementation of Ruby available. With support for native threads, excellent garbage collection, and the introduction of Invoke Dynamic it has grown into a formidable platform. So, what can JRuby do for you? Learn how JRuby differs from MRI, how JRuby supports parallelism, how to use Java libraries from JRuby, how to use Ruby from Java and more. Java no longer means just the language anymore, the JVM is an excellent place to host Ruby applications.


Wicked Good Ruby Conference is a two day, two track conference that will take place at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA on October 12 and 13th. Registration for the conference is $350 and is available through their website.


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