Google Nexus 7 Review
Mark_2 Mark Menard
October 3, 2012
Mark_2 Mark Menard
October 3, 2012


Shortly after the release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet one of my non-techie neighbors purchased one and handed it to me. She needed a little coaching so I dug in and learned a little. Enough that I ordered one and have been using it daily since.

For me the killer feature of this tablet is that it fits in my back pocket. This allow me to keep it with me at all times without needing to carry it. The 7" form factor is fantastic, no matter what Steve Jobs may have thought. It is small enough that it can be held in one hand, but large enough that the screen provides enough meaningful realestate compared to a phone to tackle more seroius work.

The Nexus 7 is my first Android device. I've been a full-time iOS user since the introduction of the iPhone. Part of my motivation to get the Nexus 7 was to expose myself to the android operating system, and particularly jelly bean, Android 4.1. After getting acquainted and downloading all of my commonly used apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, new York Times, Wall Street Journal, a Book Reader,  and a few others and I was off and ready to go.

The performance of the Nexus is great, the speed is fantastic, the quad core processor really does a great job. The screen, although not up to apple retina display standards, is a beautiful screen and it's very easy to read. The widescreen format is great for watching videos. After coming from iOS the app experience is definitely different under android. I personally found the apps to be not quite as polished as their iOS equivalents. At the end of the day though, I can do all of my work on this tablet. I find the 7 inch screen works very well for many many applications. In some cases I find the 7 inch form factor is superior to the current iPad.

Android 4.1 jellybean is a joy to work with. It's fast and responsive. After coming from iOS  really like the global back button, and the task switcher is far superior to that found in iOS. Turn by turn navigation is excellent, all you need is good car mount and something to tether it to for Internet access.

The fit and finish of the Nexus seven is excellent. This is readily apparent after you struggle through the process of getting the box open and getting it out. I really like the textured back it's much easier to hold onto than my iPad. I don't like the placement of the headphone jack on the bottom. It makes it difficult to listen to music and lean it against your belly. This is something I do with my iPad frequently.

After spending over a month with the nexus seven that the 7 inch tablet form factor is here to stay. The size is easy to hold in your hand, fits in your pocket or purse, and is easy to tote around and keep with you all the time. Using the Nexus seven has convinced me that I'm sure Apple is going to come out with a 7 inch iPad. When that happens I will be sorely pressed as to which 7 inch tablet is going to be my daily companion.


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