Free Ruby-On-Rails Training!
Mark_2 Mark Menard
October 11, 2012
Mark_2 Mark Menard
October 11, 2012


Enable Labs is proud to announce an Introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails training starting October 22nd, 2012. This training session is limited to 10 attendees. The training will cover the basics of the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails web framework. 



* Overview of Ruby language features with hands on exercises

* The Ruby object model

* What is Rails?

* Overview of Rails major components: ActionPack, ActiveSupport and ActiveRecord

* Create a project with Rails

* Deployment to the cloud using Heroku

* And much more...


The training will be combination of heads up instruction and hands on labs. The labs will be done in the Enable Labs team rooms on workstations setup for Ruby development.

Training sessions will be held October 22th, 29th and November 5th, 12th from 6pm to 9pm (please plan to arrive by 5:45pm) at the Enable Labs offices at 415 River St, Troy, NY.

To attend please send a brief technical background and your reasons for attending to (We want to be sure the attendees are closely matched in skill level.)


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