North East Database Development

At Enable Labs, we have decades of database development experience. The proper selection and setup of a database engine can make orders of magnitude differences in the speed of your application. Here are some areas of database development expertise we possess:

Centrally located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley, Enable Labs can provide these services to businesses located in or operating in North East, NY. Many of our staff were born and raised in upstate New York and know North East well. As you can see listed below, Enable Labs has a lot to offer the businesses of North East, NY. Contact us at 866.895.8189 to get started.

Document Databases

We have done our share of database development using schema-less document databases. The purpose of such a database is to be able to store data that while the stored has some common components there can be dramatic discrepancies in the material stored. Medical records, for example, are best stored in such a system.

Data Migrations

A key phase of almost any database development project is the migration of data from its existing storage solution to the selected database. At Enable Labs, we've migrated data from some pretty exotic legacy systems.

Report Designs

An important part of designing the schema for any database development project is to facilitate comprehensive reporting and to design reports that add value for the client consuming the report at a granularity that can be acted upon.

Complex Queries

Almost as important as schema design to the success of any database development project is the ability to construct and understand database queries. These queries, at times, can be quite complex. While simplicity in most circumstances is often best, there are times when dealing with databases that a more complex query will return an answer orders of magnitudes faster than simpler queries that piecemeal the answer.

Schema Design

When you are engaged in database development, the key to the speed, the performance and the flexibility of the system lies in the ability to design a 'truthful' schema for the database.

Schema Analysis

When you engage in database development where data is coming from, or integrating with, a legacy system. Being able to analyze the structure of that database, often without documentation, and make crucial design decisions based on that analysis is absolutely critical.

Performance Tuning

Sometimes database development can be more about the database engine and hardware platform you select and how those things are configured. At Enable Labs, we have experience performance tuning databases and servers to get the best performance from the resources available.


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